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Real Youth Ministries exists to impact today’s generation, CONNECTING young people through relationships, challenging them to EMBRACE God and THRIVE in their spiritual JOURNEY!

Let’s get real... life is hard. And being a teenager doesn’t make it any easier. That’s where Real Youth Ministries comes in. It’s all about experiencing Real life... through real relationships with real people... and a real God who gives real hope and real answers to real problems.

Our name indicates exactly who we are and what we believe in a world that so often asks to “play the game” and “wear the mask,” we’ve chosen to focus on being real and experiencing the true and abundant life for which God created us. Jesus said in John 10:10, came so you could have Real and eternal Life, a better life than you have ever dreamed of.” That is what we desire for our students that they may simply experience real life in a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Real Youth Ministries


  • Sunday School 9:30 AM

  • Youth Group Wednesday 6:30 pm

  • Monthly Youth Activities 

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